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Comments from previous pupils

Below are comments from some of our previous pupils. Should you want to add your own comments, please use the contact form.

Paulette bond


て「 his pass rate is amazing て「 his car has sensors and the clutch and everything about the car is very good て「 Alan improved my confidence with driving and let me spend lessons practicing my manoeuvres て「 he is very friendly and has a calm voice (he never shouts) て「 I was terrible at parallel park and now Iてve mastered it and had to do it on a hill on my test

Cons: て「 he does talk a lot (but tell him to be quiet and he will be!) て「 lessons are expensive if on a low wage which was my problem て「 The car seems very big at first and it was hard to judge the car All in all, I recommend Alan if you want to pass quickly, he´s able to cater to your abilities and get you on the right track straight the way...he knows what the examiners look for.

Donna Petts

I passed my test first time with Alan! I think he´s a great instructor, as I was very nervous and he managed to put me at ease. I believe his techniques have taught me to be a good and safe driver, hence why I passed! He was extremely flexible with regards to booking lessons, and could even accommodate when my daughter had to come with me. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know. Thanks Alan, I wouldn´t have passed without your support and tuition.


I passed!!!! Alan is super supportive, very calm and patient.. i wasn´t very confident especially with roundabouts.. Alan helped me alot and build my confidence now I am a pro at it;) i had a couple other instructors ..sure2pass was by far the best, best decision ever.. highly recommend...

Chantelle Latham

Alan had a very difficult job on his hands with me! I had been having lessons with am instructor who was taking my money and doing nothing to help me pass. I had my test booked in for 2 weeks after my first lesson with Alan and he turned me from a learner into a qualified driver in that time. He was patient and helpful and I passed first time thanks to him. He is friendly and funny and makes everything that bit more easy. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends and family.

Abbi Crisswell

Fab instructor, made me feel really at ease :) passed today first time!

Lewis Parker

Just passed my driving test 1st time thanks to Sure 2 pass he is very patient, committed and is a great instructor and I would recommend him to anyone .

Lyndsey Burton

PASSED FIRST TIME!!!.... Brilliant instructor made me feel at ease and gave me the confidence i needed. Professional at all times, Would definetly recommend!!

Evoluzive SicZ GirlZ

Brilliant driving instructor. I will be recommending to all my family and friends. I am very happy I went with sure to pass. Thank you Alan my excellent driving instructor.

Piotr Sobczak

Great guy teach me and showed everything I should know during the driving I would recommend him to everyone Passed 1st Time Thanx Alan !!!:)

Alex Relph

Great driving instructor. Passed first time. Would highly recommend.

Christopher Saxty

Highly recommended. Pushed me to the best of my ability, made significant progress every lesson. Flexible, turns up on time. Helped put my nerves at ease with his stories and jokes. Very knowledgeable, calm and communicative. I passed first time with no faults, and would not have been confident passing my test or driving by myself after passing if not for Alan´s expertise and instruction.

Letitia Benfield

Alan is a brilliant driving instructor helped build my confidence and knowledge in driving that got me to pass first time! He puts you at ease during lessons and has patience when teaching which helps a lot. Always had a laugh and banter on my lessons. Thank you I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn how to drive

Santa Velika

Today i passed my practical driving test with a first time! Big thank you to Alan! You are great!

Martyna Jurina

I just passed my test today, and just wanted to say a big thank you, for my instructor Alan. I would definitely recommend him if you are looking for friendly and professional instructor.

Arjun Riyait

Alan´s an absolutely brilliant driving instructor. He´s able to quickly work out what style of learner you are and tailors the lesson to you. He builds your confidence seemingly effortlessly and will put you at ease. He´ll never lie to you to make you feel better but wont be harsh either. He´s simply constructive informative and a bag of laughs to be with. Makes sure that you don´t feel bored by the lesson which in turn means you get more out of it. He´s committed and will work hard with you to ensure you´re confident, competent and safe and will do everything he can to accommodate your lessons. And I suppose the only thing to say is: he got me to pass 1st time by spending the extra time with me and being honest about the amount of time required to get me there.

Emils Skraucs

Had a practical test today and passed it from the first time. As for the most of the learners it is a great achievement and I can surely say, without Alan it would be impossible. Excellent driving instructor with a passion to teach young/ inexperienced drivers. Helped me though all of the time. (I was inexperienced driver from the beginning ) Recommend him to all of my friends, because with Alan you can be sure 2 pass. *5

Jonny Ayres

Excellent service, calm and assertive teaching. Would highly recommend to anybody considering taking up driving. Big thank you Alan, for helping me pass my test.

Keiran Boot-Lewis

Been through a couple of instructors in Leicester, Alan is by far the best, made me feel relaxed and at ease at all times. Very professional yet good banter alongside, very comfortable, quick and easy learning experience which helped me to pass first time! I felt that Alan´s approach to teaching is straight to the point and direct and cut´s out a lot of time wasting which I have previously experienced. Great experience, would recommend to all!

Chrissy Ruff

Pass my driving today first attempt, Alan is a fantastic instructor. He has been so helpful, I started my lessons with loads of nerves but Alan really made me feel comfortable and believe in myself. I will definitely miss the laughs, I wouldnt think of any amazing instructor than Alan. I will recommend Alan if anyone needs driving lessons from a pro with less stress. Thank you again Alan you are a star. God bless you

Tessa Wozniak

Alan is very patient and very knowledgeable. I came here from the U.S. freaked out by all of the crazy roundabouts in this country. Alan took his time and walked me through the laws, how to navigate the city safely and made sure I was driven properly. Highly recommend!

Hieran Jethwa

Alan is a good, patient instructor and a good guy to talk too. Can be a little strict on time but then what instructor isn´t? Passed first time due to taking extra lessons near to the end of my test.

Nathan Green

Brilliant! I´ve just passed my driving test today, I wouldn´t have been able to do it without Alan he is fantastic, he is always calm and reassuring he took me through every step perfectly and never rushed anything. He helped keep me calm under pressure and always kept me going, THANK YOU ALAN!!!!!

Jack Talbott

Alan is an amazing instructor. He was able to meet my needs of the timing of my lessons. He was also able to understand that I needed a couple of lessons and redo my test due to personal circumstances. Alan was confident and had faith. He was not pushy and made it aware when I had made a mistake. Give him a call and you´ll be sure2pass!

Mohamed Akmal

Just passed my driving test today 1st attempt. Highly recommended if you are serious about getting your driving licence. Invest your money with this school.Alan is brilliant. He´ll make driving a second nature for you , I did enjoy every lesson I had with him, my experience with manual vehicles was next to zero prior to starting my lessons with him. Provided that I haven´t been in UK for that long he was very understanding and he started from the beginning with me and here I am today just passed my test 1st time. Don´t think twice !!!!

Vinubha Baskaran

I failed my test the first time with a different instructor and then I started taking lessons with Alan. I was struggling a lot and I was very nervous when driving. Alan is an excellent driving instructor. I was able to take lessons only on the weekends and he was very flexible. I took a few lessons with Alan and I passed my test with just 1 minor and the examiner said that I would be a safe driver on Road(Thanks to Alan and his excellent teaching skills).Excellent value for money. I would highly recommend Sure 2 Pass.

Sharon Storr

Took my 1st driving lessons with Alan and I was certainly a challenge for him. I was nervous and lacked confidence, I had never driven a car before . Alan was patient,informative always trying various different approaches and teaching methods to suit me. I found his enthusiasm and his teaching to high standards paid off, as I passed my theory 1st time and then went on to pass practical 1st time. He prides himself on safety and teaching people to the best standards so that when and after they do pass they are able to maintain a good standard of driving. Yes this is Alan´s livelihood but he makes sure that the learner gets the most out of their experience as possible for them to progress,he is passionate about teaching people. Alan also has an excellent record of students that passed 1st time with him (which speaks for itself). The courses Alan has to offer are at an affordable price and if your thinking of taking up driving I would fully recommend you go with him.

Charlie K-J

I´ve just passed my test, and that wouldn´t be possible at all without Alan. I found him to be an incredible instructor who guides you through every manoeuvre, concept and understanding that is necessary to ensure that you pass your test. Not just that, but even the workings of some of the car, such as the clutch and gearbox and how they work. Alan´s a funny guy, punctual with a discrete and flexible timetable, and is the most thoughtful of your safety and how that translates to those around you when you´re driving. I´d recommend Alan to anyone. If you´ve gotten to this stage of this text, what are you waiting for? Go and book your lessons with Alan! No matter how long it takes, whether your lessons are to be placed over the course of a few months, or an intensive task within a week, Alan´s the man.

kelly stone

Alan was a fantastic driving instructor, he gave me confidence and reassurance when I thought I was not good enough. I passed my test first time and I believe it was down to the patience and commitment that came from Alan. I would definitely recommend him to any one.

Rebecca Palmer

Alan is a very good driving instructor, he is persistent and really helps work out the kinks of your driving problems. One thing I really liked was he only helped you out in an emergency which meant when I was in a situation I could learn from my mistakes instead of him doing it for me. I would definitely recommend him.

xie shirley

After 3-year´s time learning with my previous driving instructor, I completely lost my confidence in driving, thought I would never be ready to go to a test. My colleague suggested that I should try intensive course instead and recommended Alan to me. Alan was really patient and laid-back, boosted my confidence a lot. He´s strict but reasonable. Not a very good singer but always tried to make you feel less nervous on the road. I had my 1st test after a 3-day instensive course, wasn´t quite there. Then I booked another 10 hours with him and passed on my 2nd test! Thanks, Alan, whithout you, I could never do this! Highly recommended!

Anneka Bond

I was recommended to Alan by a friend and in the time that i was driving with him i learnt so much, the amount that i learnt whilst on the road, actually helped me when it came to my theory, as well as my driving test. He gets you up to a high standard with your driving and works to your ability and speed (which is great, no time wasting etc). He puts in so much effort for his students. Lessons: If you did something wrong on your lesson he would make it one of your ´to improve´ targets for your next session. I can actually say that he helped me to become as good a driver as i now am, before and now after haven passed (finally). Not many women that can parallel park or even bay park as well as i did, with and without Alan in the car. I even surprised myself sometimes lol Thank you for everything Alan, great knowing you. My twin brother next lol. Del :)

James Love

I have recently passed my driving test after taking lessons with Alan at sure 2 pass and i can honestly say that Alan was great instructor and i would highly recommend him. I didnt start to learn to drive until i was 32 so i was very nervous and worried that i couldnt pass my test, how ever Alan was very patient, made me feel at ease and used different methods to demonstrate what he was trying to teach me, And now i have passed my test and putting all the things i learnt into pratice.

Kirsten Towning

Over a period of three years I have had three different instructors, one left his job, one was horrible and Alan. I have never known someone to be so patient(he must be, teaching me). He tested my driving skills on every lesson, chatted away about life and seriously helped my confidence in driving. When he told me to book in for my test I knew I would be ready because Alan had every faith in me that I would pass and guess what! I did.. he really is a fantastic instructor, couldnt be happier with the result and I am proud to recommend him to anyone looking to drive. He booked me in for both my theory and practical and I passed first time on both occasions! Alan parker guys!! You wont be disappointed. Kirsten Towning :) Thanks Alan :)

Louis Riley

Alan is a seriously good instructor. The first lesson I was so nervous about driving, but Alan was so patient with me and was always happy and glad to help with any problems I had. He made me feel welcome and we always had a good chat and a laugh. He always took time out to help me, book me lessons a day in advance and gave up his own free time to help me. He gave me feedback at the end of every lesson, told me my weaknesses and booked a whole lesson to help me with this. He booked my theory for me and printed off the paper work, booked my test for me and took his own time to help me prep for it. The best thing is, I passed first time on mg driving test, thanks to Alan´s amazing tutoring and teaching skills. Honestly Alan, I can not thank you enough, it was a pleasure. Hope you read this, Louis Riley :)

Emma Whitmore

I was recommended Sure2Pass by a friend who payed for a couple of lessons for me!! Alan was a brilliant instructor...i was very nervous and scared to drive but he was patient and my confidence with driving grew! He knew exactly what he was talking about, seemed very experienced and we chatted about everything and anything..which to me was a comfort as it helped me relax! Due to some unforseen circumstances i had to cancel some lessons and a test but he was very understanding and sympathetic...after some time he helped me again get back into driving and i eventually passed!! Another one of my friends also passed with Alan! Would recommend Sure2Pass to anyone wanting to drive!! Thank you again :)

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Pass my driving today first attempt, Alan is a fantastic instructor. He has been so helpful, I start ..

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